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Hi Guys

Iam a Permanent Resident Of US and i was tested Positive couple of months back. Currently iam on medication and iam planning a trip to abroad(Asia). I was wondering what kind of issues will arise from Immigartion when i re enter US. Do i have to disclose my HIV status. What should i do with my medication.

Thanks a head



Did you ever get a (private) response back to this?  I love to travel and I was quite alarmed when I readd online that folks who where HIV+ were not being allowed to other countries (US included).  I did ask my doctor this when I went to him with my 18 carefully researched questions (yes I can get quite detailed when I want to  ;D) and his response was that yes some countries denied HIV+ people the right to enter, but to just take my meds out of the bottle and put them in a pill case or a tylenol bottle, etc.  I would think that is you are a US citizen and you leave and then come back it shouldn't be a problem but, this is a strange world we live in....


Hey Ty

No one responded to my question so far. Looks like not very many people are in my situation. Some people did suggested to  mix the pills with other tylenol pills but some of the HIV medication have names on the capsules(eg: Sustiva). It is so wierd how US try to lead the world as the most powerful nation in the world and still discriminates people(foreigners) with HIV and expect everyone to be sincere and honest about HIV diagnosis.

I did see some people who tried to mix the pills with regular pills and still faced issues.
Iam trying to figure out if there is a law that prevent this kind of discrimination against people.


RapidRod: Check this out and see if you can get the information that you need. You may be able to call someone that can help you. I wouldn't suggest that you transfer any medication out of their respective bottles. You'll need to be able to show that you have a prescription for each medicine.

This looks like a great website for folks trying to immigrate.  What about a US citizen taking a vacation to France or Japan, etc.  Will we get turned away for going on vacation?  Or does this just apply if were thinking of living/establishing a residence outside of the US?


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