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Calimmune: Safety Study of a Dual Anti-HIV Gene Transfer Construct to Treat HIV-

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If You are accidentally in Berlin You can visit tomorrow from 12.30 til 14.00  "HIV im Dialog" in the Red City Hall.
Gero Hütter ( the man who cured T.Ray  Brown) and Prof. Joachim Hauber ( Tre-recombinase) are speaking about the newest cure research. I think it will be interesting, and it's for free. I am sure that Dr. Hütter will tell something new about CalImmune and his Gene trial.

The latest information released by the CIRM says that the Calimmune HIV trail has produced NO reports of serious safety events and that company is now planning the next trial of Cal-1 which will be conducted outside of the USA.

Just a question....blocking CCR5 isn't just the same used by the Entry Inhibitor as Fuzeon or Maraviroc??
I read that side effect about CCR5 receptor: "blocks the CCR5 coreceptor located on some immune system cells, there is a theoretical risk of developing infections and cancers."

Is that really a good choice to carry for a lifetime a genetically mutated immune system which is not effective anymore??

As far as I know Maraviroc only bends the CCR5 out of shape- it's completely reversible and it only works as long as You take the drug. ZNF and CalImmune destroy the receptor forever. 4-16% of Europeans live quite well with this muation and are naturally immune against HIV. There some studies that MVC can prevent breast and prostate cancer, but You get more vulnerable for the West Nile Virus. I never heard before that there is a "theoretical risk of developing infections and cancers."
You can find more information here:

It is reported in the side effects of Maraviroc...i just did paste&copy from the drugs section of this website.


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