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Calimmune: Safety Study of a Dual Anti-HIV Gene Transfer Construct to Treat HIV-

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...."As mentioned above, only a fraction of cells will acquire mutations at both alleles of CCR5 following genetic targeting. By combining this gene therapy approach with pharmacological approaches, antagonism of HIV entry may be further enhanced. For example, peptides such as C46 and T20/enfuvirtide act as dominant negatives to block membrane fusion.CCR5 binding small molecules, such as INCB9471, Vicriviroc, Aplaviroc and, most notably, Maraviroc, block association with env and are predicted to phenocopy CCR5 genetic disruption...."

"Calimmuneís ddRNAi-based HIV candidate LVsh5/C46 for example down-regulates the cellular receptor for viral entry, CCR5, such that HIV particles cannot enter cells and integrate into their genomes in the first place.  As an ddRNAi gene therapy approach, LVsh5/C46 further takes advantage of the fact that you can express a therapeutic protein along with the RNAi trigger, thus uniquely combining mechanisms of actions in a single drug...."

This latest profile of Calimmune may be of interest to some who could not seem themselves as qualifying for the treatment currently being trial by the company. See the sentence in bold:

--- Quote ---Calimmune is a clinical-stage HIV gene medicines company focused on developing innovative cell-based therapies for HIV. The company‚€™s stem cell technology was discovered in the labs of Nobel Laureate Dr. David Baltimore (Caltech) and Dr. Irvin Chen (UCLA AIDS Institute). Calimmune is also developing a rich product candidate pipeline to address the needs of different types of individuals at different states of HIV infection and with different levels of treatment experience.
--- End quote ---

Video of Calimmune presentation to CIRM.


--- Quote from: Hoyland on July 19, 2013, 12:08:00 AM ---Video of Calimmune presentation to CIRM.

--- End quote ---

Good video, as is the second featuring Dr. Geoff Symonds, Calimmune's Chief Scientific Officer.  The quiet confidence both bring to their presentations (vs. more typical corporate bravado and hyperbole) gives me hope.  Also liked the comments of the HIV doc at around the 8:00 mark in the second part.   Very good and got me a little choked up.  Of course, there are still so many questions: efficacy, distribution, cost, etc, but the science and their assembled team are fantastic.  Best of luck. 

Here's the second video -- Dr. Symond's talk after Louis Breton's talk.


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