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OK. Lame question...

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I know this is old, but...
What is your porn name???

For those of you who don't know how this works, here are the rules:

1.) Your first name is the name of your first pet.
2.) Your last name is the first street that you lived on.

Sorry, just a tad bored tonight. :D

Grand prize will be awarded by Santa.
(Naughtiness wins)
(No cheating Ann) ;)

Jeff G:
Going by your rules , unfortunately my name would be Ginger Sunset .

And my dear man , Im an optimist  , so there is no such thing as a lame question , only unfunny answers .

Paul Farm to Market 967.

Gets ya hard, doesnt it?

Sleepy Bolivar


--- Quote --- Paul Farm to Market 967.
--- End quote ---

Your first pets name was Paul Farm???
Wump, did your parents do drugs in your early years? ;D

--- Quote --- Sleepy Bolivar 
--- End quote ---

hmmm. could go either way. sounds like a cuddlebug. :D


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