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Difference between HIV and AIDS

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Hey Clarke I'm glad to see someone else with Decimating Histoplasmosis. I've been battling it for over a year and still am unable to control it. So far the only way they've been able to control it is with IV amphotericin B. I should know soon if I have to go back on on IV therapy again. They have me on itraconazole 300 mg twice a day and so far it isn't working due to the Sustiva and Truvada causing it not be be absorbed in my system to gain a high enough rate and my Histo level is on the rise again. It's back up to 51 percent compaired to the 157 percent that put me in the hospital the first time. Hope you aren't having the problems I'm having.


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Also, from what I read about "returning" CD-4 cells, they really don't matter squat because they dont have the memory the previous ones had.

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This is a little bit of an explanation of the state of the new CD4 cells on thebody

I've never posted a link here so I hope I don't get run :-\


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