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Time for a change or two


I finished by basic bookkeeping/ accountancy course so I'm back on the job market. I need to update the resume and check whether my old referees have the same contact details etc etc. I'll probably upgrade the qualifications with some part-time study next year as the quals are very basic.

The second change will be to my medications around Xmas / New Year. Kissing goodbye to Kaletra due to off-the-scale cholesterol and triglycerides and taking up a Eviplera/ Complera and continuing with my raltegravir/ isentress.

Visited a dermatologist for the first evert time in my life (I've been putting this off for ages) and none of my many moles are "nasties". Big sigh of relief.
Hugs to all

Good luck with the med change.  I've never taken Complera so I can't offer any advice there.  Kaletra was absolutely horrible to me and I'm grateful to be on my combo that also has Isentress. 

Good luck with the job hunt.  Don't forget about professional temporary services.  They'll even assist with updating your resume. 


Good luck Harely! I am on the exiting rather than the entering stage of work. Find something you love and don't settle for a poo job.

Thanks Wolfie & Fisher for the wishes.  Hugs to you both.

I probably will go with the temp agency path for a while,  a few weeks before Xmas is always a tough time to hit the job market. You've got to be in it to win it. :D


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