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Hi guys,

I'm very new in this forum but I'm so glad i found it.  I tested positive in 2010 January when i was pregnant with my son. I must say at first it was very difficult to accept, the father of my child tested negative.  As much i was in denial then but i continued to take meds to protect my son.  I remained in denial until sometime last week when i decided to wake up and go get my blood drawn for my CD4 count and viral load testing.  I have come to terms with HIV it lives in me yes but it will not control me.   I have read a lot of your forums and they have kept me going and motivated me to get ready to start the meds (if its time) before its too late.  I'm grateful i found out before i was very sick and will still live longer.  I have an awesome son who lights up my life, unfortunately his father left soon after he was born but i have a good job and i am able to take care of him on my own.   I'm based in SA and the stigma here is still very hectic.  I have seen people perish in less then a year of discovering their status but i also know some who are very much alive, happy and living life.  I want to be one of those and refuse to be controlled by a disease that i can control myself.   My son is my first priority and will not let him suffer because of my selfishness of not wanting to take meds for a longer life.   HIV shouldn't be taken differently from other chronic diseases.  I'm 29 years old and i know that i will live long to see my son grow and be a man...

All in all.. Keep up the good work of motivating people, looking forward to getting to know you guys and learning more as well

Hi Hzandi,
Welcome to the forums and thanks for telling your story.  I'm glad you are doing well and moving on with your life with your wonderful son.

I hope you son is doing well, i don't think you mentioned if he was negative or not.  Sorry to hear about his father taking off like that, he will come to regret that someday.


Welcome to the forums.  It is good to hear you doing well and with such a good attitude now.  As a parent myself, I understand your love and commitment to your son.

Thanks for posting,

Hey guys...

Thanks a lot ... I had no other option but deal with what i have and control it instead of it controlling me.   I have never felt so relieved and happy before that now, now that i know what i am dealing with.  The greatest think is knowing that there are so many options and one can live a long life if they choose to do so.   And coming to terms with the whole situation has made me realise that there is nothing special about HIV we just give it too much credit... well that's how i see it and ever since i have been very happy and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.....  Rather that than sickness and premature death .

Mikey... By the grace of God my son is negative... and I'm grateful for that, like i said even though i was in denial i continued to take meds to protect him because honestly had i not decided to have a child i probably was not going to get an HIV test and would have found out very late... so yeah,... he is sort of my savior..... And as for the "monkey" called his dad... yip he will get whats coming to him... no hating though... i wanted a child so bad and i think he is what he is... just a sperm donor..... I'm happy with my son and that's all that matters....

Good for you.  I've had it for about 15 years, so I just live my life normal. 


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