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Well pumpkins, I received my second round of bloodwork results this year earlier today.  And let me tell you, I am very pleased.

CD4 780/35%/Non-detectable.


The 35 percent is the highest I recall as I edge towards 30 years HIV positive.

AIC is 6.3 and Fasting Glucose reading was 101 (2 points above the top 99 range).

All of the other labs RDW, RBC, WBC, MCV, Baso, Lymphs, Calcium, Protein, Potasium, A/G ratio, etc. etc. etc. were within normal ranges with no flags.

I wonder if my recent stress reducing decision has something to do with this?  ( ;) to Ann)

So, I guess I can cancel that trip down the yellow brick road to see the Wizard.  ;D

Although, I will see my HIV specialist next week for a physical exam and to go over the bloodwork results.  :)

Everyone take care!


Outstanding results...continue the course :)


Great news Tampa!  Sounds like you are "perfectly normal" except for that little, "incidental issue" we all share in common.

And if you know the way to OZ, or have chosen to cancel your ticket, I'd take it off youi hands :)

Great news!  Congrats....I'm tripping down that yellow brick road along with you, my numbers continue to "shock and awe" me, at 25+ years....never dreamed my T cells would be 600-800 range...and virus undetectable....all other numbers looking great!

Let's hope we continue to do as well.

Best regards & hugs,

Alan  :-*


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