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David in Toronto:
I will be traveling to the Bahamas in February and wanted to know what te disclosure laws were. I've tried to find an answer online however I get only mixed answers. Would want to find myself in a jail cell for enjoying my vacay.

Rev. Moon:
From (which is usually a good source when it comes to this disclosure issue by geographic region):

--- Quote ---
There are few data on laws that specifically criminalise HIV exposure or transmission in the Caribbean region and ever fewer reports of prosecutions outside Bermuda. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Bahamas and Cuba are considering proposing laws to criminalise HIV exposure or transmission.  In addition, many countries in the Caribbean criminalise consensual sex between men, sex work and injecting-drug use, which hinders HIV prevention, as well as timely access to HIV testing, treatment and care services for HIV-positive people practising these criminalised behaviours.

--- End quote ---

Better not say anything about your status. hide your pills if you are on meds. most carribean countries are not gay friendly to begin with.

Miss Philicia:
Actually I think there's a huge difference in gay friendliness when you compare Spanish speaking islands and the English ones. I've not been to the French speaking ones but I can't imagine St. Barts being a hotbed of anti-gay attitudes.

David in Toronto:
Thanks for the info and advice.

For the record I am not gay. I guess People with HIV will always be stigmatized. Although a high percentage of HIV infected are homosexual, to assume everyone with HIV is gay is just as bad as racial generalizations.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not offended, I have many gay friends and am totally cool, but my point is that stigmas must end against people living with HIV, the only disease where your a criminal as soon as your diagnosed.

Much love


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