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Like 'Antibody' I'm also on Norvir-boosted Reyataz + Truvada.  It's been working great for 6 years and I basically think it's a great regmien.  My doc and I spoke about switching to Stribild, in part I think because it's newer generation, but also because I have diarrhea + bad gas on and off for the last year or so.  It's strange, because half the time there is no problem at all, then suddenly I'll have an 'accident' for no reason.  I can't seem to relate it to eating or anything else, and I've been doing this long enough to know how much I need to eat with the meds.  I suppose it's possible it's not related.. but maybe switching would be a good idea.

My question is, have others had GI problems with Stribild?  And secondly, my doc doesn't seem to be, but I am concerned about the Kidney issues which are exacerbated by truvada.  Are there other once-a-day regimens that don't contain Truvada?  I would love to get off it, until the new less kidney-toxic/lower dose version comes out, which I hear will be at least 4 years after testing.  I thought of a Selzentry-based one, but that is 2x/day.  I've heard of people 'doubling up' on it, but I suppose that's dangerous, unless anyone knows of new studies....?


How many of you attributing GI problems fail to realise that hiv itself can cause ... shit to happen? Not many I would guess. Hiv can do a number on your digestive tract with or with the added influence of hiv meds.

Shit happens. You're hiv poz. Get used to it and find ways of dealing with it or ... deal with shit running down your legs.

Dunno. Would you rather I sugar-coated it?

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: Ann on January 14, 2013, 03:39:06 PM ---Would you rather I sugar-coated it?

--- End quote ---

I'd love some of your shit coated with sugar. But only if you use hand-crafted Japanese sugar that the Emperor uses.

What is is about HIV that specifically effects the digestive system? Is it just one of those mysterious side effects kind of things? I was always under the impression that the virus itself didn't do much except lower the immune system and that all the effects people feel are mainly due to their body's inability to fight off things that it once could. is this incorrect? if there are certain symptoms and side effects from infection that are relative to the virus itself and not just a weakened immune system wouldnt these stop showing themselves once the virus was under control (ie once someone is UD)? i'm just curious. having just started meds i'm wondering what toe xpect once (if) i become undetectable. i've read a lot about "feeling better" in general, but that seems kind of vague...sorry to hijack this thread!

Miss Philicia:
First of all, far from everyone has HIV-related (meaning not related to the meds) digestive issues. Second, the GI tract is an "immunologic" organ of sorts. The surface of your GI tract if you spread it out is double that of your skin. And since it comes in contact with external items like food there is a substantial immune cell activation deployed at mucosal surfaces. GI-associated lymphoid tissue constitutes the largest immune compartment in the body.

I doubt everything is really known about how HIV interacts with the digestive tract, in the presence of meds or what it does to patients before they go on meds, when they may go years without knowing they're yet infected, etc.

I wouldn't sit around worrying about "what to expect" though as, like I said, not everyone gets this and certainly not to the degree that either Ann of I have this issue. The more important issues should be how you and your doctor effectively treat the symptoms when they appear. For some it's simple diet changes, for others that has little to no effect and they have to pop yet more pills.


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