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So are most docs offering the Quad (Stribild) as an option now to patients as a regimen? I haven't been following the developments regarding that medication, but I do know the FDA approved it recently..I've been on Atripla for a couple years with no major issues, except for some problems falling asleep, which I don't know is med-related or not (but I never had those issues prior to starting Atripla). Overall I like Atripla and have tolerated it well, so just wondering if maybe it would be worth asking my doc about the Quad, which has no sustiva in it..Is the Quad considered a PI or a NNRI? How about Complera? Has anyone here switched from Atripla to the Quad or Complera, and does the sustiva in Atripla potentially cause sleep issues? Thanks for the input! Just wanting some insight before my doc appointment this week.

Im going on meds soon and Stribild is my number one choice, so i would also like to hear some feedback if anyone has it!

Stribild (i.e. the Quad) contains four drugs:  two are nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (the same two that are in Complera, Atripla, Truvada), along with an integrase inhibitor and a boosting agent.  It's the first one-pill once-a-day regimen that is integrase based, whereas Complera and Atripla have an NNTRI as the third antiretroviral drug. 

As for me, I've been on Atripla for over a year.  While it certainly gave me some loopy feelings the first few days, it calmed down in a few weeks, and I am very content with the regimen.  Other than having slightly more vivid dreams, I haven't noticed any lasting side effects.  And really....I do enjoy the dreams :)

Best of luck in picking a regimen.  And just remember, if the first one you go with doesn't work well for you, there are plenty of others that you can always try. 

Hi I have been on Stribild for 17 days now with no side of effects thank God! My tcells were 500 and my viral load was 127,000 now 17 days with Stribild my tcells are 645 and viral load 300. I haven't had No side effects I don't even know what to look for but I'm Not.

My Doctor offered me a switch to Stribild. I've currently been taking Reyataz, Norvir, Truvada since 3/07 with no side effects. I think he thinks it would be easier to simplify with a 1 pill combo but I don't see 1 pill being a good enough reason to switch. I started treatment with Atripla and hated it. I felt like shit 24/7 and sleeping was miserable. I don't want to change what already works.


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