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I am not on any sedatives, although I did enjoy two vodka martinis before dinner. 

I voted for Obama (now twice), because the alternative was too horrible to contemplate.  I just hope he becomes the progressive liberal in his second term that he first ran as in 2008. 

What recreational drugs are you on this pleasant (and warm) evening?  Still chomping down on those Klonopins?  Those puppy dogs of yours must love it when you throw one their way.   

Miss Philicia:
By the time you wake up, I will lead an army of klonopin-insufflating Young Queers to defeat you

Really? Did you two really have to hijack Alan's thread with this name-calling, cat-fighting, hissy-fit bullshit?

I've split your hijack out of Alan's thread. I've also locked it.

You're both warned. Philly, you didn't need to poke Ed with a stick and Ed, you didn't have to respond with name-calling vitriol.



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