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I've poz since long time ago, well that's what my Dr. thinks. On july of this year I was hospitalized with pneumonia, and the Dr. gives me the great news that I'm hiv+ with cd4: 25 and viral load: 7,000,000. That was the most horrible news that I have received in my life. I thought that my whole life was destroyed, I thought it was my end. I started my meds: truvada, prezista and norvir, with no hope. One day I realized that the hiv is like other conditions such as: diabetes, high pressure, you have to take meds to stay alive. So I was filled with strength, courage, positivsm and confidence. That was on july: cd4 25 v.l. 7,000,000, in my last test it was in october my cd4: 225 and v.l. 800. I know is hard but we can do it, it's not the end. Now I have a healthy life eating healthy doing workout, so I have to be greatful 'cause thank to the hiv my life changed in a positive way.

Hope my experience serves as an inspiration for people that think 'this is the end of the world' We can do it,you can do it!! believe in yourself!

welcome to the forums! :D

did you know that 1/3 of the people diagnosed with HIV find out the way you did - in a hospital, sick with AIDS? I'm always glad to hear another great story of how meds help bring someone back from being grievously ill.

You might want to read through some of the LESSONS sections here to learn more since you're still sorta new to all this.

hang in there as things will continue to get better for you - both physically and mentally. ;)


--- Quote from: leatherman on December 03, 2012, 01:19:22 PM ---did you know that 1/3 of the people diagnosed with HIV find out the way you did - in a hospital, sick with AIDS?
--- End quote ---

I actually didn't know that.  What a horrible statistic.

Thank you leatherman! It's sad that only 1/3 find out the way........

Welcome to the forums.  I bounced back from single digit CD4's with a VL of 6.7 million.  And I have maintained my fabulousness. ;D

You should be UD within short order.  Just don't get flustered if you see a slow climb in CD4's.  It took quite a while for me and my % still remains at the low 20% mark.

Take care and best wishes.



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