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Hello everyone! I have been a visitor to these forums on and off for several years. I really appreciate all of you and reading your comments. I suppose I can introduce myself and give you some background about myself. I apologize, but it is going to be long.

I met a guy several years ago...10 years to be exact. Basically, we were not at the point where we were mature enough to handle a relationship. About a year after we went our separate ways, he was diagnosed as HIV+. He felt that there was no chance of us being together...ever. While that wasn't necessarily true for me. We just weren't in the same place at the same time and I don't think that we could have had a future together at that time.

We were both in a long term relationship and seemed to be doing well. Then our relationships fell apart. I had hinted to him that I still cared for him, but I hadn't sensed the same feelings from him. There were hints of it, but he never recipricated, so I thought that maybe he didn't feel the same. One night I had a few beers and sent an email. To my surprise, he responded a day later.

Now we are planning our future together. So yes, HIV is something that we will have to deal with. I am neg as of my last test. We have discussed how we will handle intimacy and we are on the same page. He will relocate in a few months and we plan to begin our lives together. I have used these forums as a source of information and personal expierence that has been invaluable. I think that I surprised him with my acceptance of him and HIV. I know that is something that poz people do not often expierence.

I think that it is crazy that we still have these feelings after 10 years. I also think it is important to share our story so that others realize that they can have a happily ever after...even with HIV.

Thanks for being a source of information and support. I, for one, appreciate it.


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