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What lies ahead


When I was diagnosed, I was sure I was dead in 2 years, start planning now.  I had no experience and little knowledge of what the disease was like today, I just knew it was the thing that you never wanted to catch.

After I had the courage to go see an ID doc, I was told that with modern drugs and adherence, I would be fine and live a full life but there would be a period in the beginning that I would need to get through as the meds began to work and living with HIV would be different.

I just thought he was trying to keep my head in the right place and think positive (pun intended).

I've done my best to stay healthy and my numbers have improved well over the last 7 months on meds.  I feel better and yes, life is different.  (Trouble sleeping, less energy, body aches, more precautions and I know I'm not invincible).  I can't for instance drink alcohol without paying for it much more than before and of course I still think about 'it' way too much.  But I know now that I can do it, I can change and I can live with HIV.  Besides, it is getting better and the healthier I live, the better I feel.

It's a small price to pay for life... A few pills a day?  I'd jump up and down and spit nickels daily if it kept me healthy.

I guess the question is, what will the rest of the road be like for me and those diagnosed in this day and age?

  When I hear of things like pneumonia, KS, thrush, lipidotrophy, wasting, etc or final stage problems, I wonder will this likely happen to me?  Or is this a thing of the past for pozzies who know their status, are on meds and are making healthy choices?  Are people that are on meds still dying?  What is the quality of life, if we are still alive?

  I know nothing is certain and my health depends the most on what I do with it.  But I think that some of our LTS crew may be able to comment on the road ahead for us.

I have to say that I feel lucky that HIV today isn't the death sentence that it once was for people that got 'caught' by this or for people that just made a mistake or even just trusted the wrong people.  Even if it does just put green dollars in the hands of the pharms.  I'm happy to still be alive and hope to be for a long time.  I also have hope for a good life, a healthy one, maybe even a cure some day.

I  hope you will get some valauable detailed information from others here, soon.  But basically, control of the virus, nowadays, means living a long, healthy life, close to if not at a normal life span, as usually other non HIV issues impact with age.


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