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Ecstasy: experimental treatment for PTSD


This is an interesting topic.  i've never done Ecstacy before, but i've always wondered what it was like.  I had a friend that loved the way it made him feel, touchy feelly. maybe I need this treatment.

I could see how X could relieve PTSD symptoms, but only for the few hours it is in their system, no? But I'm glad to hear the DEA relented and gave the go ahead for this study, anything we can do to try to figure out how help these tortured souls is worthwhile.

I've used X a time or two and it is really amazing. You want to touch and be touched, and be around lights. My ex and I once split a pill and we immediately got naked and turned off all the lights and wrapped ourselves in those little LEd Xmas lights and made love on the floor, it was unbelievable. It can be dangerous, its very easy to get overheated. And the following day I would always get very sad and depressed the next day, almost zombie like due to the depleted Dopamine. I would be afraid to do it today, at my age.

I did E at a party many many moons ago.  Ended up with about 10 or 15 of us, men and women, in a pile on the floor rubbing each other.  It progressed from was magical...or at least drug induced (the next day is brutal--feel like a soggy french fry)


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