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Its Cold and Flu Season

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Miss Philicia:
This queen was at my LTS support group last night and had just had the flu, so of course I asked if she'd had a flu shot and of course the reply was "no". Then she had the gall to blame her doctor (we go to the same clinic, though different doctor) for not reminding her during the last appointment to get one. Of course, he had a point somewhat but at the same time he's a couple credits short of a nursing degree and has had HIV for 20 years.

Oh, she had a nasty ole herpes sore too. Speaking of which, did you see the one on Kim Kardashian's lip over the weekend? ;)

I thought things were getting better, then last night my fever spiked to 102.  Fuck.  Finally fell asleep shivering in bed due to the fever.  Called the doctor this morning who basically said, "ya you got the flu, it's going around...feel better"

Fever is gone now (just took it and it was 98) but still feeling crappy.

And....I did get a flu shot and a pneumonia shot last month

Word of advise...if you see someone coughing, run..this blows. 

So sorry to read this -- there was a doc interviewed in connection with the CDC last night and he said this variety of flu will guaranteed put you down for a week.


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