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Its Cold and Flu Season

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And I am at home sick today with a cold.  Seems like everyone at my office has been sick this week.  Congested, Cough, Sneezing, fever, The Works.

So...I have my home remedies all prepared. 

1.  Hot Green Tea with a boatload of lemon, honey and a snippet of brandy.

2.  A giant bowl of Pho' (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken noodle soup with added chili paste for some heat)

What remedies do you reach for when you get a cold or flu?  Any ideas are appreciated

You do have a bug in you today!!

I use a vaporizer in the room to make sure the air is moist to help with the congestion. And, my other trick is to use a steam vaporizer that is tabletop and can use menthol-impregnated disks. The water heats up and you actually seal your face to a flexible vinyl guard and inhale. The alternative is fill your smallest sink with the hottest water possible (including adding some boiling water) throw a towel over your head and sink to create a tent and try to breathe through your nose. Oh yes, and saline nasal spray.  That's all I have to offer and what I use.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

We usually just boiled water on the stove and put our heads over it.  Caution, and this is very important- Be careful using a towel over the  And, if you have long hair.  Probably best to boil and then take the pan off the stove. 

I drink Diet Dr Pepper.  However, when I don't feel well, a sugary coke seems to help.  Heating pad is something I use daily, but especially when sick on my chest.  A shower often makes me feel better and opens up the nose. 

Feel better.


--- Quote from: tednlou2 on December 01, 2012, 04:08:40 PM ---However, when I don't feel well, a sugary coke seems to help.   

--- End quote ---

I second this^ But I think the carbonation does it for me.

I Neti-pot and highly recommend it. I use the saline salt, and add 1 tiny drop of Hydrogen peroxide.

Miss Philicia:
I've had a chalazion for the past week. Can I play in this thread too?

ps: I guess you missed my previous thread that medical studies have shown that doing meth prevents the flu.


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