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I am returning to school, and I was wondering if there are any scholarships for people with HIV who continue their education.

Not sure if there are scholarships or not, but wanted to congratulate you.  Perhaps your academic/financial aid adviser can direct you.

Best of luck


I have no idea about the scholarships. I've been paying for my education with loans, because I was born beautiful and not rich. 

Good luck, Idee.  You can do it.


I am not sure if it is the same everywhere, but the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation has helped several people I know.

It's worth a shot.



If you qualify, Pell Grants will typically cover the cost of your classes and textbooks with a little bit left over each semester for incidental expenses.

The Pell Grant / FAFSA application (free application for federal student aid) can be found at

As for any scholarships specifically for HIV+ students, I looked into that too and couldn't find anything. I personally didn't feel comfortable disclosing my status to a financial aid counselor at the school, though... so there may very well be some out there and I just didn't know where to look?


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