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HAppy World AIDS Day

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--- Quote from: jg1962 on December 01, 2012, 06:50:47 PM --- Mystery meat is how I got this shit to start with .

--- End quote ---

LOL, I love it.  I pretty much am in the same boat.  My 21st birthday and I was the whore of the ball.  I remember his first name was Dante and his parents were African/Spanish and he was the most incredible specimen of manhood.  Didn't care to communicate so that's all I learned about him other than his sexual abilities. ;D

Dec 1 is also my dignosis day so I'm always pissed (literally and firguraitvely) on this day but my day turned out much beeter  than I though it woudl be. i caught up a friend and we had a few drinks and shared a joint and played cards  and he dragged me into knit mittons for AIDS orphains of course  ;)



--- Quote from: Rev. Moon on December 01, 2012, 07:02:52 PM ---
So sorry to hear that, Jeff.  My WAD has been fabulous.

I've spent it drinking grapefruit juice, playing with water-filled condoms, and watching a marathon of movies including Yesterday, It's My Party, The Cure, and Longtime Companion.

Everyday should be AIDS Day. 

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Grapefruit juice and water-filled condoms?  Living on the edge for WAD.

Anyway, I liked this AIDS ribbon:


    I   had a great  World AIDS day !

   Some  of my dear friends were sweet  to wish me Happy AIDS day  :)

 My twin was very cute , My one sister hugged me .

   The one sister that some of you know DID NOT SAY A FREAK'N WORD  >:(

    I think it should be a nice day , After all I am still on the right side of the ground .

                                                 Weasel    :-*

I should take a breath annd enjoy days, wishing stending many many more Aids days, things are not so bad...


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