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--- Quote from: pozniceguy on December 02, 2012, 01:48:13 PM ---Greg , I had  similar  problems a few years ago  mentioned to  DR  and he  suggested  that part of the problem is  with the  "neuropathy"  in the  lower legs/feet  caused by many  meds over time.....   so had a few sessions with a physical  therapist  who  helped with  correcting the   way  I  walked and picked up my feet...pretty good  at  not  "tripping or  stumbling" now

hope  you are  taking care of the  hand problem as well


--- End quote ---

I had some ah ha moments last night.  I'm not sure how I missed this particular post.  I stood up again last night and had another fall.  I've described it as jello leg in the past.  I was talking with a regular customer after the incident and she mentioned neuropathy.  I immediately dismissed it as I never felt any pain.  I wrongly assumed it was always accompanied by pain.  She then told me that her neuropathy causes numbness in her leg including having a broken foot without even realizing it.

so after googling neuropathy for the first time, I found the following;

Peroneal nerve palsy7 is usually caused by compression of a nerve in the leg that runs by the neck of the fibular (the calf bone, between the knee and ankle).

Being emaciated and bedbound by illness can lead to the problem, which is also seen in thin people who habitually cross their legs.
◾It causes weakened ability to move the foot ("footdrop" - weakened dorsiflexion and eversion of the foot).
◾Occasionally, there can be loss of sensation in parts of the lower leg and foot.

Thankfully, I found this before my doctor's appointment Thursday.  I'm a little perplexed that this was never considered by my doc even after my telling him constantly about these episodes.

Now to try and break the habit of crossing my legs.  I do that constantly.


There was a guy by the name of Jim who used to post here years ago who had "footdrop" caused by neuropathy, caused by the early meds.

If I remember correctly, he had to get a special boot that kept his foot more/less at a 90 degree angle to his lower leg. (Basically there was no flexibility in the ankle portion of the boot.) I believe it was similar to a brace, only less noticeable as they just looked like boots. I'm pretty sure it was him who had this done, but I am definitely sure he had footdrop due to neuropathy. He had it in his signature line. Maybe some of you old FuseTalk days members remember him too?

I wish I could remember his screen name, I think of him often and wonder about him. He was getting on in age and ... well.... I just wonder. I hope he's well.

Miss Philicia:
I actually have a slight bit of that related to all of my foot problems -- you know with something like Charcot Marie disease though if you google that it's kind of what I have on the face of it, but with that electrode-whatever testing they did (twice) they seem to rule it out at least for now -- sometimes you can have it and it not show on that.

Anyway, just to caution drawing conclusions I don't have this because of HIV, though I do have in the same cauldron peripheral neuropathy mixed in with all of this, plus I suspect neuromuscular issues that haven't been properly diagnosed yet but I will discuss with my HIV doctor this week.

Of course, at the same time it's possible for something like this to be all HIV related -- there are things like myostis specific to patients that used zidovudine, but then there's also a wide variety of rheumatologic and musculoskeletal manifestations from HIV infection itself.

You may fine this of interest:

ps: I have a friend in my support group who has to use a foot brace, cane and a lot of fentanyl patches just to get around. I forget what his exact diagnosis for this is. Oh and wolftie I've not been able to cross my legs for several years, either sitting or laying, due to sciatic nerve/neuropathy. Lyrica has helped, but I still can't do it for very long if at all when it's really bad.

pps: I'd not be surprised if my HIV doctor sends me to a U-Penn rheumatology specialist so assuming that happens I will keep you posted.

Hi Ann...I believe Jim's moniker was fiskernish.  We all go way back to around the year 2000 or so here, hard to believe almost 14 years!  Hugs to you dear lady, hope New Year on the Rock has been good to you and yours.

Wolfie good buddy, I hope you will find relief from these awful injuries that have plagued you for so long.  Hugs sent your way too.


Greg, that's very, very interesting.  I hope you're able to discuss this with your doctor and that he listens to you.  I have problems falling, also.  In fact, this last Friday I was getting something out of the deli case at a store, bent over, came back up, and fell into the deli case.  My doctor said he believes it is caused from neuropathy.  He referred me to a physical therapy place to "restore balance," but I haven't started it yet and don't know if I will.

I wonder if there are others who have issues with this.  It would be interesting to find out.


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