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sex in a long term relationship...

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I think lack of sex can be a very bad thing in a long-term couple...  Can be.  For example, both parties need to be OK with lack of sex, with each other.

Also if one of them wants sex and goes seeking it elsewhere, we all know what a landmine that can be.  (careful to use the modal can - does not "have to" be...) 

Also, if no sex means not much physical contact, that would be pretty crappy. 

Love is bigger than sex, sure.  But life without sex is like life without _______________ .  (fill in blank with something that really floats your boat.)

I have been in a relationship for close to four years and we both love each other very much.  The problem is our sex life has been non-existent for the past year.  I was having issues with alcohol and he approached me to stop and for the better of our relationship and my own health I have not drank for a year now.  We both are very comfortable and I know some of his weight gain bothers him a lot.  I did approach him a few months ago about our lack of a sex life together and he said he would work on it, but I have not seen much of an improvement if any.  I'm not sure what to do now.  I make advances, but nothing.  When we first started dating our sex life was non-stop.  Not sure what to do.


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