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Warning, this might gross some of you out!  Lol.

So I've been seeing someone for about 6 months now, and sometimes our sex is smooth and clean.  But other times there is a mess when he pulls out.  I usually need to go two or three times a day, and when there's a mess it's probably because I didn't need to go at that point.  I'm on Atripla, so I don't know if that's why my bowel movement schedule is weird, but my bowel movements ARE healthy thanks in part to my good diet and exercise.

But when I'm cleaning myself in the shower beforehand and I feel it in there, I might decide it's probably better just to NOT have sex.  When he doesn't get his sexytimes, he can get irritable.  But I don't want to try and force anything out, because then I'll get hemorrhoids which will only make it worse.  I want to be intimate with him but my body's unusual patterns make it very hit-or-miss.  These messes have NEVER happened with previous partners, so I think it's just the shape and/or length of his erection (he is pretty girthy).

Should I invest in a douche?  It won't affect my treatment, right?  Also, how do I use it?  Is tap water enough as long as I clean it every time?  Oh, the life of a bottom man...  Sure can be a pain in the ass (I love puns).

Douching - aka having an enema - will not affect your treatment.

You can buy over-the-counter disposable enema kits (everything you need is included) and I would recommend going this route first so you can read the instructions and learn how to do it properly. I'm quite sure you can also find plenty of information on the internet on how to properly administer an enema safely. Google enema rather than douche. Douching is more usually applied to rinsing out the vagina.

Good luck - and don't feel like pubic enema number one* when buying your first kit. Lots of people use them and nobody will take any notice of you buying one.

*Well, you did say you like puns! ;D

Hi goon
unfortunately this happens from time to time even when you think you are good to go. If its your partner, then talking about it helps, im sure he can get past it

yes to the enema. It wont hurt your treatment plus it will give you some peace of mind

Just the other week I finished topping someone and when I pulled out and he exploded everywhere! He was so embarrassed and I just laughed my ass off and told him no worries! It is part the game I suppose. I don't think too much of it.

It can be embarrassing, butt it goes with the territory.  I've always thought guys who get all bent out of shape getting some poo on them are douche  Some act all surprised shit would be some place where shit comes out. 

Of course, any good bottom should try to make sure they're good to go, but ya never know.  When I've bottomed, there were times when I thought it would be messy and it was clean.  There were times when I thought I was good and it was messy.  Obviously, in this case, the virus and/or meds is probably to blame. 

An enema prior to sex would be good, if you know sex is going to happen.  My bottoming days are basically behind me.  So many puns.  My problem is not the brown type, but blood.  As you mentioned, you want to avoid hemorrhoids or a fissure. 


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