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Upset, disappointed and scared...

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--- Quote from: tednlou2 on December 04, 2012, 02:49:26 PM ---Ohmydays,

I don't understand this.  You should have had your confirmation test back by now?  When was the blood taken?  I had mine within 3 days.  You're told to wait another week to know whether your life and health have changed?  Something doesn't seem right.

--- End quote ---

I had my blood taken last Thursday. So maybe it'll take another few days?

They never mentioned to me about a Western blot test...Only said they're gonna match my blood taken on Thursday to the blood taken on Monday, Monday being the day I went for my second batch of PEP.

But they called yesterday and asked me to come in next week sometime...

It's probably best just to work off the assumption that you're positive, the chances are that you are. I had similar things going on when I found out, I simply had too much going on to let myself fall apart, don't let it get the better of you at what could be a pivotal time in your life. You seem to be doing pretty well!

Ah, so yes, it's def positive :-(

CD4 690 and VL 3500 or so.

I'm still not used to the damn blood tests :-0

Anyhow, I don't think anything has really changed and I'm still me. Still going about my daily business :-D

Hi Omd,

So ends the wondering.
You bet you're still you.

It's good to have business to get on with--isn't it?
You'll get used to the blood tests -- it's HIV accounting--your quarterly reports.


Hi Em Em,

Yea, I figured there's more important things in life and have been trying to keep myself preoccupied to take my mind off this  :)

I understand its still something that I shouldn't take lightly, but as with most things in life you learn to adapt to it; well, that's how I see it...


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