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Upset, disappointed and scared...

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I may well tell them at some point, not now though. I only told them I was gay last year (3 weeks after my bro told them he was - mega shock all round on that one), this would be too much. I'm not that close to them, I never really have been. I wish I was but there's just not that much affection shown in the family but I know that it would worry them.

Maybe when things have calmed down for me... Maybe... Maybe I could sugar the pill by presenting them with a grandchild, something I'm considering :)


--- Quote from: Ann on December 04, 2012, 03:14:46 AM ---This mother does!

Days, when are your confirmatory tests due to come back? I've got my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully, all this talk about telling your mum will be a moot point.

Hang in there and please remember, even if you are poz, you're going to be ok. Your mum will be as well.

--- End quote ---

Hello, well, I actually don't know :p

I'm suppose to be seeing them next week, as they wanted me to chill out before I go back to the clinic. From the tests that they did and the chat they gave me, I think they've made up their mind I'm pos :-p

When they tested me I asked if there was a chance that there could've been a mistake and they said no :-0

Oh, I dunno anymore :0 I've actually kinda got used to it already. I'm definitely a lot more perky than the other day. I guess with so much going on i.e, Christmas, doing a new course and starting a new job, I haven't really had time to think of the HIV now.

If anything changes you guys will be the first to know. :-)

I was kind of naively hoping i got a false positive too. didn't quite seem real until i go that sheet of paper in my hands. sorry youre going through this but youre not alone! i find out all my counts on monday. eeek!


I don't understand this.  You should have had your confirmation test back by now?  When was the blood taken?  I had mine within 3 days.  You're told to wait another week to know whether your life and health have changed?  Something doesn't seem right.

I had to wait a week to get the results of my western blot back. The first time i went in to get an oral swab test they said the western blot would take 2 weeks and jsut to be safe scheduled my appointment 3 weeks later!


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