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Insurance Issues


I'm probably worrying about this before I have to since I haven't heard anything regarding this but...

So I'm a young, poor, waiter living in NYC. My income definitely puts me well under the $40,000 mark needed to qualify for ADAP. Here's the problem, I didn't realize until after I had applied that I am already insured under my parents policy until I turn 26 in April. Love Obama. Obama care is great, but...! Do you think this will stop me from getting the ADAP? Do they look into this that closely? I've never had to use my parents insurance and so i didn't even know i was covered until my father, who was here for thanksgiving, mentioned i would no longer be covered in a few months. I don't want to disclose to my very conservative family, and if i did i wouldn't want it to be now because of a technicality like this. I don't have any of my counts back so i'm not sure how necessary it is for me to start treatment but would hate to find out that my counts are low and not be able to afford the meds, not qualify for ADAP and not use my parents plan for fear of disclosure. It also seems kind of weird because If i get denied the assistance because I'm already covered, i'll just be reapplying in a few months when I turn 26. Am i freaking out about nothing?


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