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Truvada and Isentress fatigue?

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Hi All

Keep in mind fatigue is a tricky one to untangle when it comes to HIV infection. Many people regardless of HIV infection complain about "being tired all the time." I don't know if more people with HIV actually suffer more fatigue then people without. Of course, the psychologically weight of being infected with HIV can be draining and this might have an effect possibly? I don't know, more research needs to be done on this.,

Fatigue in HIV-neg is multi-factor already, it get more complicate for pos.

I suggest you do a full body check-up, all vital, hormone etc. to make sure that is not from that first and change your life style. If the condition persist try changing your med to sees if it help, id it is the med you will notice it with a week after switching.

Some time hormonal imbalance can cause fatigue so make sure you check all of that to sure about it, poz can have low sex hormone especially testosterone.

Good luck

I am experiencing the fatigue now. Like other, I feel that I can get enough rest. Lately while battling a bad case of the flu I have been even more run down. I have been using B Complex suppliments to boost my energy, as well as exercise, but I am feeling more drained. There are times when it is all I can do to leave the house to go to work and when I am there I am having to chug coffee lest I fall asleep while completing applications for the clients I am working with.

Long term meds. user here. I've been on meds for nearly 20 years. Several combinations. Norvir, Truvada, Isentress, Lexiva & others. For the last 6 years I've complained of "No energy" and gained weight too. Always felt tired since exposure 30 years ago! No greater while on Isentress/Truvada. Hope this has helped some. Note- I too am experiencing body hair loss. UCONN Derma Fellow explains that it's due to my body shutting down some least "Needed" systems?


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