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Truvada and Isentress fatigue?

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Truvada and Isentress are the first drugs for HIV I've been on since April 2012 and just wondering if fatigue is a side effect anyone else has experienced?  I seem to be more tired than usual since I started medications are rarely feel fully rested even with adequate sleep.  My GP said he had to be on them for HIV+ blood exposure once as preventative measure and he recalls them 'knocking me flat on my ass' and making him really tired.  Can anyone else relate?

Hell yes. I've battled fatigue for a few years now and it seems to get a little worse with the meds. BUT, I think my fatigue is due more to my sedentary lifestyle. If I ever get offs lazy ass and exercise, I guess I would know for sure.

Jeff G:
In all the years that I have been poz the complaint of fatigue has been an issue for me and one of the most often voiced complaints about living with HIV I have heard over the years . Its also a complaint that I can only remember but a few who ever got a definitive answer as to why they were having the issue , it seems to go hand and hand with living with HIV .

My statement doesn't seem very helpful until you stop and think about it . It seems to me the best way to deal with fatigue in the absence of a definitive medical diagnosis other than HIV is to try and do all the things you can to help yourself feel better . Its just common sense things like getting the proper amount of rest , watching what you eat and not becoming a couch potato . These things help me somewhat and I have good days and bad ones with the fatigue no matter what I do . I'm certainly not suggesting you shouldn't talk to your doctor about it though . 

I am on Truvada and Isentress and have zero fatigue. Actually quite the opposite, I feel totally energized since I started treatment one month ago.

Thanks all for your responses....sounds like it's quite an individual experience for everyone.  I have reported this to my doctor however no real suggestions on how to deal with it were made.  I think I just need to take care of myself as was suggested with adequate rest, nutrition and exercise to the best of my ability.


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