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I have a tendency to like herbs,supplements, and vitamins but I've read with some HIV medications that it's not advisable to take different herbs,supplements,and vitamins with the medication. Does anyone have any insight on this or know anything about this?

Off the top of my head, for poz people Echinacea and St. John's Wort are two to definitely avoid whether or not you're on hiv meds.

You might be interested in checking out various drug interactions on the

They list some of the more common herbals, as well as the more common recreational drugs. I mention the latter because of a comment you made in another thread.

By the way, I've moved this from the Living forum to the Nutrition forum, which is the more appropriate place for this thread. You might want to have a leisurely look through the Nutrition forum - you may find more answers that way. 

This Canadian site is pretty comprehensive:

Out of curiosity, and still being new to the whole HIV thing, why is echinacea a bad thing? I used to take it all the time whenever the weather changed...helped with a couple of broken bone pains I had, and to cut down colds (before I discovered zicam).

Any other herbs/vitamins I should avoid?

In a nutshell, echinacea stimulates the immune system, which in turn gives hiv more targets - according to my hiv doc.

St John's Wort (a herb used for depression) is also contraindicated for poz people. Not sure why though.

The website lists most of the herbals (and also recreational drugs) that should be avoided when poz. You'll find them in the drug interaction charts.


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