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Any other vegetarians?

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tex, if you are seriously committed to vegetarianism, you should carefully read the ingredient labels on any protein shakes you consider buying as they sometimes include animal-derived byproducts. You don't mention if you eat eggs or not, but if you don't, be aware that egg byproducts are sometimes an ingredient. I found that the type that comes as a powder often will state clearly on the label if it is vegetarian friendly and whether or not it contains egg byproducts.

I went the protein shake route for a while (that's how I know about the labeling) and found it helped a bit - but it was also part of me being lazy and looking for an easy-out for my protein intake. I had very little appetite at the time (something starting hiv meds has helped) - and that was a big part of my lapse into laziness. I'm actually considering going veggie again now that my appetite is better.

By the way, learning to be poz is daunting at first, but it does get better. You'll see. Hang in there!

 I'm a recently clinically diagnosed guy who's trying to determine all this things out. I'm in the procedure of getting all my figures and getting installation with ADAP and all that other difficult things thats necessary for me to begin getting healthier. i think i'm just thinking if there are any other vegans out there who can provide me some guidelines or guidance on problems they've experienced working with their diet plans and HIV. I've been a veggie for 13 decades (im 25) and don't strategy on ever consuming beef again if i can help it! Any guidance, guidelines or stories would be much appreciated...

Hey, buddy. I was vegetarian "before", and since I don't like milk except in coffee, I was almost vegan by accident. Everyone told me that I had new protein needs and that it would be difficult on a vegetarian diet to get enough. Of course, they say that about people without HIV. ;)

I don't know if it's true, but I still don't really eat meat.  I just never get around to it. I'm tracking other nutrition metrics for one of those open classes online. With a couple of exceptions (which have little to do with meat), I'm hitting the targets, but I just this second realized I should update my settings for HIV. It'll also give me something to write about in the analysis we have to turn in, and I think I just found my end-of-class project. So, uh, thanks!

I'm gonna start here, but I'll let you know if anything pops out:

hey oksi!
yeah my doctors monitor all my levels and im taking multivitamins and additional Vitamin D and B12 vitamins. No one has every mentioned anything about additional protein needs being positive. i should probably be more aware of my protein consumption especially since ive been working out so much.

Hi Tex

I saw a nutritionist right after my diagnosis and she also pointed out that HIV + ppl need to be conscious of getting enough protein.

Seems to be a pretty consistent message from health professionals dealing with HIV folks.



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