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I don't want my brain. I don't need it...

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...Take the goddamn thing.

Gotta love Sally Fields.

Next trip to the doc (Dec 3rd) will be getting the Meningitis Vaccine. My doc asked if I was sexually promiscuous. I said I hoped to be...once I got the shot.

Also will be getting lots of other vaccines and updates. When it rains, it pours. I'm just hoping they can all be done in my butt cheeks. Hate arm shots. But regardless of where I get them I'm getting them.

Just figured it was better for me to get this stuff done. I'm not getting any younger. Might actually help me get older. So...throwing caution to the wind...I'm in...

Speaking of shots, etc.

Did anyone else read news articles about how scientists have figured out how to freeze dry blood? Only have to add sterile water to reconstitute it. Can last for years. May become available in about two more years for civilian and military use. Gonna save a lot of lives...not to mention throw the whole blood bank business in a tizzy. The other thing is they think the same procedure can be applied to vaccines. So instead of having a vaccine that has to be made up right then and given or at best be good only for a day or two. The vaccines can be freeze dried and last years until needed. Amazing what science is discovering...and in this case we owe it all to Water it.

I didn't know there was a meningitis vaccine. I have had meningitis, and I can promise you it was less than pleasant.

I am due to see the doctor, too. I keep pushing my appointment back to get other people in to see him, so it will probably be next year.



There are several...some specifically for meningitis and some that are for other diseases but also protect against different causes of the disease.

I see my doc four times a year for blood work review. More if there's something else going on. Actually enjoy seeing him. I take the last appointment for the day and sometimes we talk for an hour or more about things. It doesn't hurt that he's a great doctor to boot!

Don't be so giving...see your doctor...

Got the Meningitis shot today. Go back in two months for the second one. Wasn't bad even though it had to be in my arm. He used an extra thin needle which certainly helped.

Next up is the Pneumococcal vaccine. That will probably be during my next blood test result visit. Which by the way I got the results for today. Except for the HIV stuff which for some reason they neglected to do...probably dropped the test tube. Everything was hunky-dory...just like every other time...not that I'm complaining.

The last one will be Tetanus. I think that's it...even though I'm going to ask him about the shingles vaccine just to see.

Now if I can just get laid!!!

You reminded me I am due for the pneumovax. Ugh.

And probably a TDAP, since I am now "of age."

The shingles vaccine isn't recommended, as far as I know, because it is a live virus. Docs generally won't give someone who is positive a live virus, which is why the flu vaccine up the nose is a no-no.

Glad all went well with your doc.




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