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Isle of Man here (aka "The Rock").

I used to be a commercial fisherbitchman (queenies and scallops) back in the 90s, and one summer instead of putting the queenie net on, we left the scallop dredges on and headed north to Scotland where the scallop season lasts all year. It's seasonal here, from November 1st to May 30th. We left home before the season here ended and stayed nearly six months in Scotland.

I've been in most fishing ports on the west coast as far north as the Caledonia Canal, through the canal (kept watch on the sonar for Nessie - no luck) and down the west coast as far as Arbroath.

We were based out of Stonehaven most of the summer. One of my most favourite summers ever. Stonehaven is a lovely town - reminded me a lot of the town where I live on The Rock.

My skipper was originally from Campbeltown so we stayed there a few weeks as well. We didn't go out for long trips - our longest were usually only 36, occasionally 48 hours so having a base and place to land (and get a pint!) was always important.

Where in Scotland are you? If you live in one of the coastal towns in the areas I described, I may have been there for a few pints. :) I really miss 80 shilling! Can't get anything like it here - some say our local bitter is close, but I vehemently disagree. 

Welcome to the forums, by the way! I'm curious about your name choice - it's unusual and yes, I know what it means. Google is my friend. ;D

Hi there

Welcome to the forums.

I was born and breed in Perthshire, spend my youth between Glasgow and  Edinburgh, but I now reside in New Zealand after spending 20 years in Australia.

Hope you keep in touch with the guys here, they are a pretty good bunch.


Eng-er-land me

--- Quote ---I was born and breed in Perthshire
--- End quote ---

@Annie - breeding sheep for the market I am sure

- matt


--- Quote from: newt on November 27, 2012, 04:11:55 PM ---Eng-er-land me

@Annie - breeding sheep for the market I am sure

- matt

--- End quote ---

Would you believe the first time I ever ventured near a sheep was when I arrived in NZ... :D

True story.

Jan :-*

Scottish here, but living down in England now!

Ann, whenever I take friends home to Scotland, I take them to visit Dunottar Castle outside Stonehaven ;) then we go into the town for fish and chips! Haha, love Stonie :)

Archie, glad to hear you are doing well. I miss Scotland loads...!


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