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Is Atripla affecting my mood?

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Oh and my consultant has not said anything about norvir.  Is this always needed?

I've been on Truvada, Prezista (darunavir) and Norvir since last July and I like it.

I was advised (both by people here and by my consultant) that if I'm going to take it (Prezista) with Truvada, I have to take Norvir as well. You should double-check with your consultant about this. I remember specifically discussing this with my doc (because I'd hoped to avoid Norvir) and he said he absolutely did not recommend going without Norvir.

Aside from a little more diarrhea than usual in the first week or so, Norvir hasn't been a problem for me. It just takes a little getting used to for your gut. (Caveat - for a small minority, it continues to be a problem.) I worried about Norvir because I've already been dealing with hiv related diarrhea for over ten years and I was wary of making it worse and no longer being able to control it as I do now. But like I said, aside from the first week or so it hasn't been a problem.

Miss Philicia:
I've been on Prezista since it was in clinical trials. Like Ann, I've not heard of taking it without Norvir.

Everyone's experience is different. For me, Atripla was the first HIV drug I took, and it worked wonders for me. It kept me undetectable the whole time I was on it. And overall (other than first week feeling extremely loopy and stoned). I never had really weird dreams on it. After about a year on it I started having slight bouts of anxiety. I also had bouts of strange thoughts and sometimes downright sadness. I also had some dizziness, and having a LOT of trouble falling asleep at night, when I had never had that problem before. The sleep problem was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. So all in all I liked Atripla and it did a lot of good things for me, but in the end I decided to take my doc's advice and try a similar medication, Complera, which does not have the sustiva in it. I just needed my sleep, but wanted to stick to a very similar medicine, so Complera was what I decided on. You have to do your research and decide what med combo you think will best suit your needs. Good luck.


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