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Is Atripla affecting my mood?

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Been on atripla around 5 months and all good going - no real side-effects other than the messed up sleep.  But I just feel wrong in myself, like I'm on the wrong path/track in life and a general feeling of miserableness and underlying panic/anxiety which I'm in control of at the moment.  I'm not depressed, nowhere near but I just feel wrong.

Is this likely to be atripla or just life in general?  I've always been a fairly content happy-go-lucky person but I seem to be so highly strung lately and can't see anything good in the future, just the same old weariness.  Nothing has changed in my life only taking atripla so I don't know....

I'm not sure if I should request a change or not since everything else about atripla suits me fine.  Any ideas?!

That sounds almost exactly like me on Sustiva. Took months for the CNS effects to fully kick in. I ended up suicidal, which is entirely not me. I would take these changes in mood  seriously.

I didn't know if it might because it's winter, or I've put on weight, or I'm just pissed off with my job (which incidentally has been suffering lately), or I might want to move house, or move city, or change partners, or it's just natural with age, or I want another baby/don't want a another baby, or I'm exhausted....the list is endless and I'm tired of it all lol  just want to be content with my lot again.

And yeh - it is getting worse as the weeks go by. 

I was in the same place after about 2 years on Atripla. I was also very quick to get angry which is not normal for me. My DR and I discussed several times switching off Atripla but I didn't think (wrongly) that it was affecting me. After all how could I be depressed if I could still laugh at jokes! I didn't really want to give up the one-a-day pill.

About a year ago, I switched to Issentress and Truvada. A week after the switch I caught myself walking down the street with a spring in my step and whistling! Feeling much better, laugh easier, and some stool issues I was having cleared up. Though that took a little longer. I didn't realize the cloud I was under until it was gone. Now I wish I had made the switch sooner.

Three pills a day vice one is a little more challenging to manage sometimes, specially with my work schedule, but it isn't that big a deal.

By all means change your combo.


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