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Switching from Atirpla to Stribild


I'm doing fine on Atripla with no problems or side effects.  My doctor suggested I switch to Stribild because my cholesterol has been increasing and is on the high side (LDL 135, HDL 53).  He said the decision is completely up to me. 

Since I don't have any side effects with Atripla, should I make the switch to Stribild when it looks like some of the side effects may be worse or continue to take Atripla?

The new drug might help your cholesterol go down a bit, but it will be a bit, and a good question: will it be enough to be significant? You need to look at your overall risk of heart disease to decide whether a modest cholesterol decrease obtained by using Stribild is worth the switch, as cholesterol is only one factor that affects heart health.

If it ain't broke... is good motto for antiretrovirals.

- matt

Based on the numbers you have posted here you cholesterol is only barely in the borderline range.  An LDL level of 135 isn't all that high.  Seems like a change in antivirals due to a 5 point level above the limit is a bit.....excessive.

Your HDL level is absolutely normal.

Thanks for the responses.  I was leaning towards not changing the meds as well.  Since my doctor was only concerned about my cholesterol slowly increasing (and it isn't THAT high), I don't see the point in switching yet.

As far as heart disease, my grandmother had congestive hear failure (lived until she was 93, but didn't die from it) and my one grandfather has it now (in his 90s), but is doing fine.  Seems pretty common to have it at that age so I'm not too concerned with it.


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