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Aging may beat the alternative, but it still sucks.......

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--- Quote from: bocker3 on November 25, 2012, 10:22:32 PM ---
Guess karma bit my ass............ 

--- End quote ---

Um, no, it bit your toe.

Ouch. Hope you heal quickly - and I hope you taught Sid a lesson about where to leave his shoes. After all, you ARE going to make him wait on you hand and toe foot while you're healing, right? ;D

Yes -- I do plan on being waited on for a while.........   ;)

I do, however, think the universe is paying me back for something with this toe.  The pain drugs were doing just fine last night -- thought the weight of the covers might be painful, but they weren't.  Then, in the middle of the night, Charlie (our cat) decided he wanted to sleep with his daddies.....  so he jumped on the bed --- landing square on my FUCKING TOE.  This cat flew back down the stairs when he heard me bellow -- scared the crap out of Sid too.
That is soooo not a good way to be woken up out of a sound sleep.

Ah well -- off to work.  Will make my Ortho appt later, hopefully can get in tomorrow morning (today is the only day all week, that I HAVE to be in the office -- end of year performance mgmt "stuff" and I have to be sure that my direct reports get properly represented).


Hmmmm, This story doesn't make sense to me.  I bet he got his toe caught in a sunroof.  Much more likely.

Hope everything heals quickly and with minimal pain!


--- Quote from: Hellraiser on November 26, 2012, 01:56:29 PM ---Hmmmm, This story doesn't make sense to me.  I bet he got his toe caught in a sunroof.  Much more likely.

--- End quote ---

I was going to suggest that perhaps his toe got whacked by a ceiling fan.   ;)   Or he was re-enacting the intro to the Dick Van Dyke show, and something went horribly wrong.

I hope your toe heals quickly, Mike.  Happy Holidays!



     Does it really hurt bad?  My dad use to say breaking the big toe is the most painful bone to break, dunno why though.  Having broken both a toe and collarbone myself, I think the latter is much more painful. 

     By the way, I believe your story from start to finish.  My wife leaves crap around and it gets under my skin too.

     Hope you feel better.


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