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Aging may beat the alternative, but it still sucks.......

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Did you manage to get to the doctor yet?  How is it coming along?


--- Quote from: wolfter on December 01, 2012, 10:55:27 PM ---Did you manage to get to the doctor yet?  How is it coming along?

--- End quote ---

I did see the doctor on Thursday afternoon.  He said that, because the nail pulled away, I technically have a compound fracture -- the outside has a path into the inside.  He said, however, things looked good and that he has never seen an infection develop with this sort of injury.  Given that I have been maniacal about keeping it covered and using Neosporin, plus I'm on 10 days of antibiotics, just in case -- I'd say I am good there.  He also said that, aside from going over on it again (which he strongly recommends avoiding), I can do whatever I can tolerate.  Even play tennis, he said -- although, he said that might go beyond what I can tolerate for a while.  I will say that it is feeling much better -- wore sneakers all day today and spent the day walking around Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  I suspect I'll be on the tennis court by next weekend.

So -- here is the latest pic -- SO MUCH BETTER:


That's healing nicely.  I'll post some simple shoe box designs I've made.  With them, there's never an excuse for shoes to be laying around everywhere. 

If I remember correctly, it took about 6 weeks for my big toe to completely feel normal.  But I was able to do most activities within a couple of weeks.

Take care buddy


   It definitely looks like it feels better.


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