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Hello, I just wanted to see if I can get some clear answer regarding the occasional "Oops, forgot my pills".

Last year it might have happened 2x. This year I'd say something like that as well. Usuaally, when I forget to take my meds during morning, with breakfast, I still try to take them as soon as I get home but there were times when I just would only get home very late and go straight to bed.

I'm still UND and my CD4, coming from 280 in July last year, is now at 500ish. So no big reason to be concerned, I just want to know how freaked out I should be if I'm already out of the house and realize I forgot my pills. Should I instantly go back home and take 'em or is it ok to take them hours later? Mind you, I'm usually very religious about it but yeah, I'm not a robot, I'm only human so these things can happen.

If it only happens a couple of times a year you have nothing to worry about.  If it's happening a couple of times a WEEK, then that's more of a concern.  You'll be fine whether you go back home or not.

My Doc said the general rule is to shoot for 95% Compliance.  That means missing once every 3 months as the Gold Standard.  Sounds like you're doing fine. :-)

My doc stresses that more than 5% is a concern, of course, a "pattern" of forgetting or skipping could become a problem.

I'd say missing 2 lots of meds a year is excellent.

The target is taking 95% of doses it is said* which means for 1 x day dosing missing no more than 1 lot of meds in 20 days, say every 3 weeks to be real.

- matt

* figure from ancient research on prisoners using old meds and viral load under 400 = undetectable...


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