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tested positive last oct 2011, but scared to go for a checkup until now

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Immigration rules are always changing. You already having a job and paying taxes may put u in a better light within the rules.

Anyway if the rules are as you say they are, why not say that when the time comes to start meds that you will purchase them from outside Canada (a written guarantee of sorts) and therefore not a burden on their universal medical system.

I am sure there must be a number of ways to prevent deportation. Start researching. In any event take the smart advice of those who have advised you to immediately start taking the proper responsibility for your own health and for those you care about and share your bed.

Shit I have to fly to another country to deal with my HIV needs. There are others who dont even have the available options available to you.

Praying wont help so start to take responsibility now.

Good luck and let us know

hi ichigo,
i completely understand what you are going through.
i have a friend in toronto that knows the laws in that regard. i will email him and ask him about your situation and get back to you.
don't be scared. it's not the end of the world no matter what happens to your immigration status. your health is more important.

most asian countries don't allow foreigners with hiv. in order to keep their jobs and their health foreigners with hiv travel to thailand or japan to get their blood work done and meds. a lot of $$$ on traveling and meds of course. but that's their decision and you will have to find a way and make your own decision as to what you want to do. if you look, there is a way.

anyway, i will get back to you.

hi ichigo,
my friend is asking around for more info. but as far as i know every immigration case is handled differently based on your nationality, occupation, current immigration status, your CD4 and VL, etc. it looks like the first thing you need to do is find out what your numbers are and look for your options.
i will repost when i hear back from my friend again. don't stress yourself too much. stress is the worst enemy for us.

hi ichigo,
i'm not sure if you are still checking this thread.
i got some info.

HALCO (HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario):

i don't know where in canada you are but you should contact them and get some info. they might be able to help you.
i wish you all the best.


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