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   My sincerest condolences. This is a difficult situation to endure.

   I have a friend in Philly in this same situation - he was diagnosed twelve years ago and has refused to take meds. While I am not privilege to his exact numbers I know they are low as he has been in the ICU for three weeks of the last eight. He has also been showing signs of HIV related dementia - calling me to talk and then a bit in to the conversation saying he doesn't know who I m and hanging up. He is only 29.

   Best wishes, it isn't easy.

I have had the same idea about the film making , the balance between ensuring conditions are maximised so that folk get tested and the fact that HIV care has moved on forward blinds people to the er illness part , which off course is still here.

Your other post about the provision off HIV care in your area could also make a interesting Documentary. in fact Mark maybe you should be the subject then loads off issues will get aired. Plus your Fan club will soar. Which at least would be fair.

Very sad story, Mark. Hiv is the nastiest staff that an individual can get. It is really so much nasty. However, it requires one to be the most strong to live with.  Anyone can live the most with treatment.  Just only realize that it is treatable. 

The story reminds of mine that I refused to take treatment for almost eight years and finally end up onto my death bed until I get into treatment which I am now on the top.  From the first day of my treatment onwards I believed that I will be living life to the fullest possible with treatment. I work almost 12 to 14 hours everyday not to remember this nastiest virus I am living with.

Mark, you brought me strength when I needed it 8 years ago. May I return the favour. I wish I had a good friend like you. Caring, earnest and thoughtful. Hugs.

Your post came to mind as I read Phil's post today about his brother.
I hope those who are newly diagnosed will hear what has been said.


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