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  That is very sad Mark  .

   After all these years I still know of people that choose the same way to go .

   I have found no amount of talking or help will change a man's mind when it is clear he  has made  a decision  .

   I thank GOD daily for still being here  :)


   P.s.  I am rather open with being an AIDS victim  , I don't ask for pity , But I sure show people they can get off their asses and LIVE !     


--- Quote from: dale gribble on November 25, 2012, 10:33:19 AM ---my sympathies but gotten on here and seen

I was marked as being gay , which i'm not
5 kids and a loving wife I stopped taking the meds I want to beat it. 4 months and still going strong

--- End quote ---

Awesome that your going strong. I'm bad off now, but starting complera my brother. Let's hope this medication works cause taking 3-5 pills with my stomach and esophagus problems this one a day pill should be a diamond in my life and help me live a normal life


--- Quote from: Anqueetas on November 24, 2012, 08:03:07 PM ---I hope he finds peace in his life. I can sees that Living with HIV is 50% in my mind, its not all about medication, blood test. We all have to accept that this virus might stay with us until the day we die, and we have to make a life out of it, even thought we have to change everything in life to make that happen.

--- End quote ---

Sorry to hear about your friend Mark. RIP.
I agree with Anqueetas that Living with HIV is 50% in mind or I would say even more. We have to change ourselves, our lifestyle, behaviours, attitude etc and be strong and fight this till the end. Never give up hope. Its like running a Marathon. Along with physical ability to run long distance.. it's the strong mind that keeps on the run long facing all the obstacles. The moment you think its enough, you stop, give up and you loose the run and fail to reach the target place. We should be strong physically and mentally to battel HIV come what ever obstacles..

I was unaware of this thread, until reading about it in "Letters" in the latest POZ magazine. (I'm rarely in the Living With forum, I pretty much hang out in LTS).

A real tragedy; it is especially heartbreaking for those of us who have seen family, friends and loved ones die because there was NOTHING available to help them.  It almost happened to me;  thank God the protease drugs came along in 1996, and Saquinavir saved my life.

I'm not sure why someone would choose not to take meds; then again, I'm not sure why people do (or don't do) a lot of the things that go on nowadays.  I hope I don't reach the point where I feel as if I don't have anything left to live for.  I know, first-hand, what it is like to die from AIDS, and there is nothing good about it.

May we all find the peace we need, in whatever form that takes in each of our lives.

Alan   :'(

Im very sorry to hear of your loss.

Sadly it seems like others have experienced this loss as well, giving up meds and all.

I lost a friend to the same situation, he realized it was a mistake when it was too late.

Hugs and condolences to you.


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