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I very much appreciated reading what you wrote although I wish the circumstances -- your friends passing -- were different. The thought of stopping meds has crossed my mind every now and then ... a bit of a romantic fantasy, I know. Your words express something important, for I think many of us to reflect upon from time to time, and not just those who are newly diagnosed or the young. Again, my thanks.


--- Quote from: aztecan on November 24, 2012, 07:29:14 PM ---...
He needn't have. He actually did very well on meds, but he decided he didn't want to take them.

He hadn't been positive all that long (not as long as I and some of the other LTS people have.)

He wasn't having any particular side effects, nor was he suffering from any other physical ailment.

He did have mental health issues, but he would not address them and refused any assistance.

So, he stopped his meds about two years ago...

--- End quote ---

Hi Mark,

Sad story and I truly sympathize.

I have been confronted with similar situations (older people not able or willing to take their medications)
I guess doctors see those kind of cases where some people will not want to take medicine  for religious or other beliefs.
It must be tearing people's heart including the health care providers

The following question means no offence, but, I wonder... Don't hospital nurse or families have the right to 'crush the meds' and mix with food ?

We do it to our pets, don't we.

Do we have to place free will above life ?

Because of families or friends, we, lay people are sometime caught in contradictory situations that we have not been prepared to

Anyway thanks for reminding us that ranting about the mere number of pills or their color is futile


Mark -

Thank you for this post.  It touched on a few things I've been thinking about.

I'm glad this post is pinned to the top as well

Hi Mark,

Staying with a situation we find so unnecessary, that reminds us off our past is so hard and only the truly strong are able to do it , condolenses to you dear heart.

you were a great friend caring for him.


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