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dale gribble:
can't you read English ?

dale gribble:
oh i'm sorry you're not fron the u.s

Jeff G:
Yes Dale I'm from the US and read English . I simply didn't understand what you wrote and asked for a clarification . I'm the last person on the forum that would be critical of they way people write and wasn't trying to be ugly to you .

dale gribble:
I like to see you do my fucking job a kid I didn't think had it in my worst nightmare 
as far as u concerned you can stop acting like a fag and be a man i'm not sorry for helping him


--- Quote from: dale gribble on November 25, 2012, 10:33:19 AM ---my sympathies but gotten on here and seen

I was marked as being gay , which i'm not
5 kids and a loving wife I stopped taking the meds I want to beat it. 4 months and still going strong

--- End quote ---

Hey Dale,

Many pozzies I know are not gay. The virus doesn't care, and we shouldn't either.

If I am reading your post correctly, you stopped taking meds four months ago and say you are still going stong.

First, I am sure you are aware, or should be, this "going strong" is only temporary and death is the ultimate result of living with untreated HIV.

Also, though, you say you want to beat HIV, yet you are eschewing meds. How do you plan to beat it?




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