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I need a friend from South Africa JHB

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I completely understand. Why not check in with one of the clinics or agencies nearest you? Desmund Tutu - I think Emluvendi (I know I'm butchering the spelling) is within range of CT -- you might find a support group will introduce you to someone you can click with.

Em ! Thanks will do !

Hey Vulaza...

I am based in SA JHB.... Send me you email addy and then we can chat more...

Hzandi ! Sorrrrrry I lost my phone but I am back and If you can mail

Good day Vulaza, Im a 27 yrs old live in SA Joburg I have a 4 yrs old daughter you can contact me if you need sum1 to talk 2, I know how you feel like cause I feel like hitting my head against the wall sumtyms bt that wont help hey we just need to be strong an all will fall into place.


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