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I need a friend from South Africa JHB

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Hi guys

I need a friend to talk to < I am a female 35 yrs old with 2kids and a husband. I need someone to share my hopes , dreams and cry with.

Welcome Vulaza,

If you only want to establish relationships with SA women, let us know.

Meantime, there are lots of women worldwide who are happy to help you vent, scream, cry and heal.

And your dreams? Please share them, too. We all need inspiration.


 Thanks EM ! I will love to meet woman from JHB please , I am starting Tribuss @ 9pm. I need support .

Well, I'm hopeful one of our women members hangs her hat in Jo-burg. Are you hoping to set up face-to-face contact? Is that why you want someone near you?

I ask for two reasons. First, is that it will depend upon whether that woman wishes to surrender her anonymity to meet you and second, we don't want you to feel as if you cannot ask any question you would hope to ask of anyone already on this site.


Hi Em , thanks you all your support . I know that this site is helpful and I have gained so much information from you guys. I just think face to face is best.   I need to have a personal relationship with someone.


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