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a little honesty

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Thanks everyone.  It's difficult to relate all the relevant points without typing an entire book.  This "cover up" has created a lot of hostility within myself.  Somewhere inside, there are probably a lot of feelings related to my family's feelings about my sexuality. 

If I was mending properly, this might have been able to pass.  But I'm seriously worried my treatment might not have been proper based on this lie.  I was told that I'd be able to put full weight on foot by now and not need crutches.  But I'm not able to either.  My foot remains swollen and I'm beginning to worry that more damage was done that they might have overlooked based on the facts as reported.

I in no way desire to see my brother criminally punished, but I see no alternative but to convey the truth to my doctor.  I'm hoping he'll allow the conversation "off the record", but I know he has a legal requirement to report suspected cases of abuse/assault.  My mother also knew this being married to a deputy for 27 years.

It's almost weird that I'm harboring more ill feelings towards my mother than my brother.  I guess her lack of concern has brought about long held feelings of resentment.  Kinda like patterns of childhood are being repeated. 

I really do appreciate all the support.  I've managed to bring the boiling point down a little. 


Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: Basquo on November 21, 2012, 09:54:35 PM ---So to echo Wolfter's question to you, why bother posting anything at all? This is about him.

--- End quote ---

Actually it's about his family -- not about you and definitely not about me.

Dear Greg, reading on Thanksgiving of this assault on you is heartbreaking.  You must do and say whatever you must for a full recovery as you are concerned it is not healing properly as you did not disclose how it happened.  Obviously if you are dependent on others, particularly your mother and brother, then you worry about the housing and financial situation and what your alternatives might be.  The main thing is for you to get that foot healed properly.

Hugs, Jody

Stay Forthright, In Control and Positive.  Get well soon

P.S.  To thine own self be true.

sorry to be slow in seeing this thread.
i can't really add much that hasn't already been said other than to ask if you have made any progress in dealing with both your brother and your mother.
what an emotional stressy mess not to mention the added burden of the physical problems this has caused you. :(
i'm not sure what i would do as i would be so hurt and angry with the two of them. >:(
makes my problems look easy-breezy.
take care.


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