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Any other poz health care professionals?

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I'm a registered nurse in England and sadly would not be at all comfortable disclosing my status.  I have found lack of knowledge, ignorance and stigma regarding HIV to be commonplace amongst healthcare professionals.

I did inform my occupational health dept and they were quite supportive.

Sadly it ended my career as accident and emergency nurse (due to exposure prone procedures) which I loved.

I now work in a cardiology unit.

Thanks Ann. Next time I will speak up!


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Thanks Ann. Next time I will speak up!

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I'm so happy to read your response! :)

Remember, you don't have to disclose your own status. All you have to do is to present what you have to say as information they should already be aware of as health care professionals.

Maybe fudge the truth a little and tell them you have a cousin or whatever who is poz and let them know how let down he or she feels by unprofessional conduct by people who should know better. Sometimes an injection of personal anecdote makes people listen rather than tune-out.

I hope you come back and start a thread about your experience when you get a chance to put some of these unprofessional nurses right. (and I hope it's a good experience - good in that you get through to at least some and a change in their behaviour results.)

By the way, if this sort of thing happens a lot in your department, you might be able to request an hiv awareness refresher course for everyone. See your line manager (or whatever title your "boss" holds) and ask if this is possible. Some ASOs will come in and conduct the course so it's coming from the perspective of people who actually live with hiv.

Good luck. I'm so happy to hear that you're willing to do the right thing. It's refreshing. :)

Hi everyone,
Not sure where to start here. After going through medical school and being a doctor for 7 years, having my family look at me as the golden child, and now to be diagnosed with hiv? I had always been the advocate for safe sex, advising all my friends and anyone who cares to listen to practice safe sex, and then I get infected, still very confused as to how it happened. My ex has refused to answer my calls since my diagnoses.
I'm so scared as to what this means for my medical careear. I live in ireland and was planning on moving to the states to continue my medical training, now that's a dream that will never happen.
I'm so worried about my future, I can't tell my parents. My consultant tells me it'll be alright, but how can I ever be alright. As another healthcare professional, I would like to talk to anyone who out there is in the same situation as me . Please I'm severely depressed and feeling really suicidal at the moment .. Not sure if life is still worth living now..


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