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san antonio researches single dose hiv vaccine.could be out in public.

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Patent applied for.

Vaccine is designed to be a single dose and last a lifetime...

also..The new vaccine is directed to what are known as the mucosal layers of the epithelium in the genital and rectal areas where the virus enters the body.

We shall see.

That is very good news! :)

Hope an effort to find a cure for this virus don't get hampered soon after this.

It's a bit early to say how promising this lead is. They haven't shown any data about the efficiency of the vaccine yet.

What's great is that this vaccine follows a completely new approach.
However, it would not work for cases where the epithelia is ruptured. For example by injection with a needle. Also, I would assume that it would not always prevent HIV transmission during anal sex where minor bleedings are not uncommon and therefore there is direct access for the virus to the blood stream.

Anyway, if it works it could be combined with an antibody-based vaccine to increase the overall efficiency.


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