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Has anyone switched from Atripla to Stribild?

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--- Quote from: Denver Toad on December 31, 2012, 01:46:45 PM ---Betty say it aint so!!! I too am on Isentress and have major insomnia issues. I won't take any narcotic type of sleep aid, it doesn't matter how tired I am, instead I lie and stare at the ceiling. I've tried melatonin, benadryl, meditation, and white noise. No success with any of them.

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I also tried Melatonin and Benadryl with no success.  Ms. P brought the insomnia issue involving Isentress to my attention, and when it almost all but went away with switching to Stribild I am sure that was the main culprit.  I still have some insomnia but I believe that's due to menopause.  It certainly isn't as troublesome as it was.  I would definitely check into patient assistance and if it's doable, switch.

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: Denver Toad on December 31, 2012, 01:46:45 PM ---
I've read anecdotal stories of Isentress causing insomnia and brought it up with my ID Dr. He pretty much dismissed it as internet hype.

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Then ask your brilliant doctor why it's plainly stated as the #1 side effect Merck's Isentress web site. I'll be on the edge of my seat waiting for him to admit that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Denver Toad:
Miss P you're right. I'm responsible for researching too. Shouldn't take DR's word as gospel. Being a lazy patient is easier.
Until costs go down I'll not be using Stribild. I qualify for $400 per month in co-pay assistance. That still leaves me $269 a month. Not happening. I'll talk to the Dr about other combos. I was on Truvada/Viramune and the combo played hell with my stomach. Isentress is gut friendly but sleep is nice too. Were it not for co-pay assistance with Isentress I'd be up shit creek. W/out assistance I pay is $275 a month. Depending on what's prescribed I can't survive w/out co-pay assist.

BCBS Tennessee -
Drug Information   Mail Service or CVS/pharmacy   Retail Pharmacy
Stribild More information - 150-200mg Tablet
90 for up to 90 days   
30 for up to 30 days

Drug Information   Mail Service or CVS/pharmacy   Retail Pharmacy
Isentress More information - 400mg Tablet
180 for up to 90 days   
60 for up to 30 days

I wonder if some of the people's attitudes cited in Wolfers "Common Mindset" thread realize this is the reality of HIV.

Our healthcare reality...

As a couple we make too much to qualify for assistance other than manufactures co-pay. Our health insurance is considered good by most standards. Yet with a  80/20 coinsurance rate, @ 2500 per individual/5000 per couple per year, it's a stretch to pay. I see an in network ID Dr and pay for my own labs.  My blood-work cost is far less then my 20% coinsurance. Per plan I have to use LabCorp and they charge around $3000 for standard labs. I found a independent lab and I'm billed between $125/75 depending on tests. What a screwy F'd up system...

I'm way off topic here. That's what happens with a lack of sleep.

Miss Philicia:
Can I assume that you don't have resistance issues? If so, you may wish to look into a Prezista-based regimen. Just my opinion in terms of low side effects profile when paired with Truvada which I assume you are already on. It's also been on the market now for six years so perhaps the cost issue will be similar to what you have been paying.

I went from Atripla to Stribild and HATE it!  I want Atripla back.  Does anyone know if I can go back safely?  I have it on hand but am getting no reply from my doctor.  I have 6 months of Atripla on hand and after almost 2 months of Stribild I am missing doses and dislike the switch I want to go back.  Any input?


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