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Has anyone switched from Atripla to Stribild?

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Jeff G:
Hi Jd and welcome to the forum ... how long have you been on Stribild and why do you dislike it so ?

I switched from Atripla to Stibild about 5 weeks ago and I hate it too.  I am more in a fog with Stribild than Atripla.  Am seeing my doc tommorow to talk about options.


--- Quote from: NY2011 on November 20, 2012, 05:22:57 PM ---I'd like to find out what people experience when they switched from Atripla to Stribild.  What prompted the switch?  Was Atripla causing sleep disorders, or gastrointestinal problems?  Have the issues disappeared since taking Stribild? Any new issues? 

Eager to hear about your experiences, even if you've only switched a few days ago. 


--- End quote ---
Hello I know this is an older post but hoping to gather experience on anyone who has changed from atripla to stribild. I'm in my 5th month on atripla and numbers doing well but the sleep issue is bothersome and although early days still looking into future does anyone who's made the change feel? Thanks and feedback greatly appreciated. Reggie

I switched from Reyataz/Truvada/Norvir to Stribild.  Love it.   Feel like my old self.  And the diarrhea is gone. 

Thanks for your reply, do you sleep well on it compared to before switching?


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